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Lost Horizon

Category: 155 Words.
Author: tua
Spoilers: none
Disclaimer: You know who owns them. (and it isn't me.)
Notes: At least I've got the right number of words. : )


Mulder. How can I describe him?

Unpredictable, stormy like the open sea, his eyes flashing deep green and murky gold, colours ranging from it's mysterious depths to it's surface under an everchanging sky.

Beautiful, his intellect soaring freely, unfettered by the concepts of science and reason that lesser plodding minds like mine cling to in the face of uncertainty. Courageous and infinitely terrifying.

Dangerous, always seeking more from life than life is often willing to grant. More truth, more justice, more explanations for the vagaries of fate and the unreason of chaotic chance. More feeling. More emotion. More love.

So much that it is almost unbearable, leaving me gasping and breathless and shocked by his audacity, his fearless demands. I shake off my inadequacies and ignore my confusion, I leave my need for order and science and rationalism behind, so that I can follow this amazing, unpredictable, beautifully dangerous man.

Wherever he may lead me.