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Part One

Part Eighteen

Part Two Part Nineteen
Part Three Part Twenty
Part Four Part Twenty-one
Part Five Part Twenty-two
Part Six Part Twenty-three
Part Seven Part Twenty-four
Part Eight Part Twenty-five
Part Nine Part Twenty-six
Part Ten Part Twenty-seven
Part Eleven Part Twenty-eight
Part Twelve Part Twenty-nine
Part Thirteen Part Thirty
Part Fourteen Part Thirty-one
Part Fifteen Part Thirty-two
Part Sixteen Part Thirty-three (epilogue & A/N)
Part Seventeen

If you'd like to see some artwork created for this story I have another pic that I made while playing with images from the game. Aurikku02.jpg

Signature pics (avatars) for message boards, etc.


Auron wallpaper (1024x768): sinswake.jpg

Tidus & Yuna poster: tiyuna.jpg